Joe Landis

Artist Statement


   I aim to create beauty and tell a story of oneness. I paint because I have to, it's in my DNA! My main medium is oil. I love being able to mix paint right on the canvas or my palette. My inspiration comes from the beauty of our natural world. Sunrise and sunset, imagination, and dreams. The concept I've been working with is interconnectedness. Which is expressed by using the flower of life grid. It represents an invisible energy field, a field that connects everything. There is no separation.

   The process I've been developing over the years is a lost and found technique. Painting the landscape then geometry, over and over again. Many layers of paint and glaze until the desired effect is achieved. This process takes many days to complete.

   We live in a holofractal geometric universe that's in a state of homeostasis. Just like drawing countless circles on the canvas, if just one gets out of placement, it throws the whole grid out of balance. As well, the universe has to be in perfect symmetry. Physics proposes that matter is made of 99.9% empty space. Hermetic philosophy's first principle states, "The All is mind, the universe is mental". Perhaps the 99.9% empty space isn't empty, but an alive, vibrant and intelligent field. A field that connects us all, to each other, our planet, and beyond.

Joe Landis received his Bachelor of Fine Arts from Rocky Mountain College of Art Denver, Colorado in 1999. Since then he has traveled from the rocky mountains to the east coast where he furthered his art by observing and painting nature on site. He gained 15 years of custom picture framing experience and continued taking art classes.  As years have passed, he continues to learn, paint, and appreciate his life experiences. Joe and his wife Kari, reside just north of Madison, WI on a small organic farmette where they grow their own food and he paints the day away.

Original oil paintings are in both private and corporate collections.


Artist Exhibitions

2024  March 26- June 16, Overture Center for the Arts, Madison, WI, Whispers of Worlds, duo show

2023  June      UW Hospital, Madison, WI, Emergence, solo show 

2019 August  UW Hospital, Madison, WI, Geometric Unity, solo show

2018 March/April -Capitol Lakes Galleries, Madison, WI, Sacred Nature, solo show

2018 January/February -Willy St. Coop West, Madison, WI, solo show

2017 Great Frame Up Gallery, Madison, WI

2016 Great Frame Up Gallery, Littleton, CO

2015 Denver Broncos Fieldhouse, Englewood, CO, Memories in the Making, group show

2008 Gerald A. Bartell Gallery, Madison, WI solo show

2004 Spiral Arts Gallery, Freeport, ME, group  show

2001 Mill Creek, South Portland, ME, Art in the Park, group show

2001 Coffee By Design, Portland, ME, Seeing Color, solo show

2000 L/A Arts Lewiston, ME, group show

1999 Abend Gallery, Denver, CO, Connections in Time, group show

1999 RMCAD Gallery, Denver, CO, group show

1999 Philip J. Steele Gallery, Denver, CO, group show